How can I become a member?2023-12-13T01:17:29+01:00

It’s as easy as clicking on the ‘become member’ on the top of the page

Can I become a member even if I am not Greek or Cypriot?2023-12-12T18:38:10+01:00

Yes! Everyone is welcome, no restrictions based on your nationality.

Can I become a member even if I am not a student2023-12-13T01:21:29+01:00

Yes, also known as friends of HSAG. You get to enjoy the same benefits as the student members but the subscription for non students costs slightly more.

How can I find photos from the events?2023-12-12T18:38:07+01:00

All the photographs from our events should be ready shortly after in our website’s album and our Facebook page, however you can find a few of them posted in our socials like Instagram and/or TikTok.

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