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Working in the Netherlands

Laws regarding working in NL

Health Insurance

Everyone living and working/studying in the NL needs to have basic health insurance (basisverzekering). This covers healthy expenses like visits to the GP (huisarts), the hospital, the psychiatrist and the pharmacy. (link 1: https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/zorgverzekering/vraag-en-antwoord/ben-ik-verplicht-een-zorgverzekering-af-te-sluiten )

International students in the NL are often insured against health costs from the country of origin. This is usually the European health insurance and the costs it covers depend on the health insurance of the student in the country of origin.

Sometimes however, the European insurance card is not enough. Link 2 leads to a website in english explaining when a foreign student has right to or is legally required to get a public health insurance in the Netherlands

(link 2: https://www.studyinnl.org/plan-your-stay/insurance )

If you are working part or full time in the Netherlands and have a public health insurance you might be eligible for the health subside/ zorgtoeslag . The zorgtoeslag is a subsidy that covers an amount of the monthly health insurance costs.

Municipal Tax

The Noordelijk Belastingkantoor is basically the municipality tax that registered residents of the municipality of Groningen are obligated to pay every year. This tax is sent to residents that rent a house/apartment/studio/shared flat etc. under their own name. This means that students/residents living in a student housing compound, such as the SSH, do not receive this tax.

The tax notification arrives by mail, under the resident’s name, at the registered address. This physical mail, not e-mail, usually arrives in the early months of the year. Most of the time, this is around February-April. So, for example, the tax notification mail for the year 2022 will arrive during the period of February-April of 2022.

It is possible to ask for remission in the case the tax is too expensive for you to pay, or you think something is not as it should. This can be done via the website. Here you can see what it looks like. The button you need to press in order to begin the remission process is called ‘’Kwijstschelding’’ or ‘’Remission’’ if translated. From that point on you need to follow the procedure, fill in the necessary personal information (name, age, address, study/work info etc.) and upload some documents (rental agreement contract, bank statements, passport etc.) After you submit your remission request, you will wait for either their answer or their request for further information/document upload. This can take multiple months. Either way, it is something worth doing since the tax amount you will have to pay can be severely reduced, so we highly recommend it.

The payment of the tax can be all at once, or it can be paid in up to 10 monthly installments. This is completely up to you to decide. In the mail you will receive with the tax, an extra folder will be included for you to pay. We recommend you don’t do it that way, but instead pay online via the website. Via the website, you can also set up the monthly installments. The payment or arrangement of payment can be done through the ‘’betalen’’ or, if translated, ‘’pay’’ button. You will then find all the possible options regarding payment.

The tax includes a whole calendar year.

Logging in online is possible via https://mijn.noordelijkbelastingkantoor.nl. It can be very useful in order to keep track of the amount you still need to pay, payment methods, remission requests etc. In order to login online, the use of DigiD is required.

In case you come upon a problem or have a question that is not available on the website, you can always call the support line. Despite the bad reviews, they can prove very helpful, and they also speak good English, so give them a try.

Finally, before renting a place, discuss with your landlord about the tax and who is going to be paying for it. Most of the time the tax is not included in the rental agreement, so arranging this beforehand can save you from stress and skirmishes with the landlord in the future.