When Rebetiko meets Rap beats.

In the heart of Groningen, cultural borders are blurring and music is born mixing two seemingly different genres, as the Hellenic Student Association presents a night of groundbreaking music. On Monday the 11th of March at 19:30, Rap energy meets Rebetiko’s soul, a celebration orchestrated by Giagkinides and Tiny Jackal.

Giagkinides, a rebetiko-folk-traditional group formed in 2019 and Tiny Jackal, rap and hip hop musician are joining their forces for a night to remember. The timeless folklore Greek music ‘Rebetika’ meets the beats of hip hop. Tradition and contemporary music are binding, creating a musical fusion.

History of Rebetiko.

Rebetiko holds a special place in the hearts of Greeks, as it narrates the struggles, joys, and identity of a particular era. This urban popular genre of the Greeks is to be found amongst the unprivileged, the lower class, the poor. It flourished from the late 19th century to the 1950s, serving as a cultural mirror for societal experiences in rough days that history was marking for Greeks at the time.

As a result of the 1923 population exchange between Greece and Turkey, Rebetiko is fueled with pain. Smyrneika, the Greek cabaret tradition born out of the fusion of Turkish, Armenian, and Jewish influences, along with the struggles of Orthodox Greeks turned refugees, gave Rebetiko its unique sense of longing.

The essence of a community and the cultural fusion are captivating aspects of Rebetiko, earning it a place in the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

A few things about Rap.

Deriving from the American culture of hip-hop, Greek rap is also a form of expression coming from artists performing on the streets, since the beginning of the past decade. The rap explosion taught an entire generation, who began to either gather in squares and underground venues for freestyle battles and communicate their passion practically with the whole world.

Fast forward 100 years, the spirit of rap and Rebetiko continued to evolve. Non-traditionalists like Giagkinides and Tiny Jackal carried the torch, expanding the definition of Rebetiko for the present day. They bridge the gap between Rap and Rebetiko for a night to remember.

Join us in this musical odyssey at Taverna Doris on 11/03 at 19:30 for an unforgettable musical experience. Be part of our small community with big hearts !